Asset Recovery and Logistics. Whether the job involves the safe return of leased equipment, redeployment or liquidation, WaveCom will preserve the value of your assets and ensure the greatest return from your original investment.

  • De-Installation – our accredited Asset Recovery Team experts carefully and efficiently dismantle and remove all types of equipment - from servers to generators to cell towers – focused on preserving the integrity of both your equipment and your site.
  • Packaging and Shipping – already have a destination for your equipment? WaveCom’s logistics experts will securely pack and ship your valuable assets directly from the job site via top shipping companies.
  • Warehousing – if you need to store equipment pending sale or redeployment, you can do so with confidence at WaveCom’s secure facilities, offering asset tracking and chain-of-custody controls.
  • Purchasing – let WaveCom take on the hassle of finding buyers for your unwanted technology. We pay top dollar for all types of equipment – e.g., generators, HVAC systems, networking equipment, PBX and phone equipment, servers, PCs.

Site Cleanup and Recycling/Disposal.

Of course, the job isn’t finished until your site is ready for its next use or a landlord’s walkthrough. WaveCom professionals perform all cleanup tasks associated with a site decommission, including the removal of: data and power cabling; raised flooring and overhead cable management components; and infrastructure equipment – e.g., generators, UPS Systems, DC power equipment, and HVAC Systems.

Wave Communications, Inc fully supports your company’s commitment to the environment with recycling and disposal practices that meet or exceed applicable state and federal requirements.